Video Games

Classic Games That Will Stay in Fashion

New game development studios keep springing up and producing all kinds of games. The established providers don’t rest on their laurels as they keep pumping out new titles. That’s how the list of games grows bigger each year. But there are some of them that have been out for a while and still have a strong fan base. You can dub them ever-popular games that have stood the test of time. Here are some of them:

Browser Games

These are games that won’t go out of fashion any time soon. That’s because the Internet will continue to connect more and more people and you can get access to browser games through each browser. There are sites that specialize in action, sports, fighting, arcade, and other types of browser games.

Card browser games are quite popular and you can find the majority of them at online casino sites. Besides card games, these sites cover table games such as baccarat and roulette. Casino fans can enjoy roulette sites or any other site they fancy. The important thing to remember when enjoying these kinds of sites is to do so responsibly. Knowing when to quit is important so respect your limits.

The KOTOR Franchise

KOTOR or Knights of the Old Republic is a pretty old franchise consisting of 2 games. When it comes to the visuals they aren’t as spectacular as those of today’s games. But these games provide a great story and serve as games that influenced lots of other RPGs. You get to create your character and assign them stats and feats. Also, you’ll visit Jedi Academies in both of them. In the first one, you’ll find out a striking truth about yourself and in the second one you’ll find out the truth about a character.

Both are shocking revelations that might nudge you in a different direction in the game. Be careful of your choices in the game as they will define you and give you one of the good or bad endings in the game. You might even lose some companions because of them. In addition to this, you’ll visit many different planets and interact with all kinds of alien species making this Star Wars franchise a classic one.

The Resident Evil Franchise

This is another influential franchise when it comes to the survival horror genre. The latest game in the series is Resident Evil Village and it’s the latest one in the episodic story of this franchise. There are several others that are spin-offs and some of them are good while others aren’t that much. But if you go for the ones that are part of the main storyline then you won’t be disappointed. You’ll play as Leon, Jill, Chris, and a host of other characters. And you’ll face zombies wherever you are.

The eerie feel of the game will keep you up at night and the relentless bosses in the game will challenge your skills. The story follows a simple narrative: stop the spreading of the virus and save the day. Although it’s a simple story, it’s an effective way to keep you hooked, which is why this franchise will keep you engaged.