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Why You Should Play European Roulette Online

As you already know, roulette is a popular casino game that was named after a French word that means little wheels.  It is a betting game that is now available to play online for free. The rule of the game is to place your bet before the dealer announces that no more bets are allowed. You can choose to bet on the number or color the ball is going to land on.

The winner gets rewarded according to their betting odds.  There are more principles to the game, but that is the basic rule. While this game is simple, it is yet complicated. Besides, there are different types of roulette games, but the most common ones are American, European, and French roulette.

The differences in these games are not too obvious, but in this article, I’m going to tell you the difference between the two major types of roulette, which are American and European roulette. You can read more about the most popular online casino games if you’re interested in knowing more.

Now let us talk about American and European roulette. What are they known for, and what is the difference between these two games? The American roulette wheel has 38 divisions, which include numbers from 1 to 36, 0, and 00.

The numbers from 1 to 36 are alternately colored red and black, while the 0 and the 00 are marked green. The 37 divisions of the European roulette wheel are made up of the numbers 1 through 36, which are alternately red and black, and the number 0 is green.

The main objective of European roulette is to predict which numbered pocket the ball is going to stop in. To do that, each player must place a bet on a specific number, after which the dealer will spin the ball in the opposite direction while turning the wheel in one direction.

Once the ball stops on the number the player(s) bet on, the player(s) get paid. This mechanism is applicable to both types of games, making the wheel the difference between them. The major difference between these two roulettes is that one has one “0” colored in green while the other has “0” and “00” colored in green.

This difference seems simple and unimportant, but it has an enormous impact on the outcome of each game. Players usually choose to play European roulette rather than American roulette because the chances of winning the bet in European roulette are higher than in the other.

 When playing European roulette, the house edge is only 2.7%, while in American roulette, the House edge is 5.26%. The house edge is the advantage the house has over the players. The 2.7% means that on every $100 bet placed, the house owns $2.70 whether the players win or lose the bet.

The difference in the house edge is a lot considering the fact that you are playing the same game with the same rules and the same betting. The odds of winning in American roulette are quite slim, and it feels like that was the strategy behind the extra “00” that was added. You can play your European roulette online now on your devices.

The above does not imply that one should not  play American roulette or that it is a bad game. You can choose to play the game if you know the strategies involved and how to win all your bets.

Some people might prefer American to European roulette depending on which ones they are familiar with and how good they are at playing them. Also, the house edge isn’t that big of a deal if you’re a casino game lover, so it shouldn’t bother you. And do not forget that there are plenty of other roulette games you can choose from. You should not limit yourself to just American and European roulette. Today, you can play all your casino games online like online casino slots, online blackjack,  and others. You get to even place your bets on each game with real money and stand a chance to win in each game played.