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RLCS Major 1 Is Already Around the Corner

On March 27–31 we can witness the first RLCS Major of the year that will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event will happen after the end of regional qualifiers across different regions around the globe.

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A Quick Peek at the Rocket League Championship Series 2024

The RLCS is back for 2024 after a long off-season with a handful of format and schedule updates since Blast took over the circuit’s new tournament operator. Precisely, the adjustments concern regional play formats: the number of Majors has become two instead of the previous three. The RLCS also has increased open competition, widening prizing for more gamers than ever before and concentrating more on long-term sustainability. All in all, the 2024 Rocket League World Championship Series features three in-person tournaments.

  • Major 1 for RLCS
  • Major 2 for RLCS
  • World Championship

To be eligible for each RLCS Major, there will be a total of six online Open Qualifiers and three online Open Qualifying matches in each region. In addition, all online Open Qualifiers now use a standardized format. This change has the goal to offer clarity for both new and pioneer fans:

  • Open Double Elimination group to decide the leading 16 teams in each region.
  • 16-team Swiss System to decide the leading 8 teams in each region.
  • An 8-team Single Elimination group will be used to decide ranks in each region.

The top teams at the end of each Open Qualifier will be awarded with RLCS Points and make their way to the next Major event. This year, MENA (The Middle East and North America) have gotten an additional slot at Majors and now have the chance to send two teams to tournaments.

On the other hand, Sub-Saharan Africa has received a slot at Majors, along with the RLCS World Championship. So this means high-performing regions like Europe and North America will no longer get a chance to increase their slots number they get at Worlds. It’s because all regions currently have a distinct number of places — four each in the case of EU and NA.

Another change in this year’s event is related to the contestants’ age. The age at which gamers can take part in the games has been reduced to 13. This means this year, we will see a lot of very young teams to compete with the veterans. However, the Guardian or Parent’s permission is still needed for all minors to compete. Also, managers and coaches should be over 18.

Schedule of RLCS 2024

SlotsMajor Qualified Teams for RLCS 2024
Leading four (4) teamsEurope (EU)
Leading four (4) teamsNorth America (NA)
Leading two (2) teamsOceania (OCE)
Leading two (2) teamsMiddle East & North Africa (MENA)
Leading (1) teamSub-Saharan Africa (SSA)
Leading (1) teamAsia-Pacific (APAC)
Leading two (2) teamsSouth America (SAM)

Now, let’s have a look at the schedule for Rocket League World Championship Series 2024. Qualifiers for Major 1 have already taken place earlier this year between January 26 and March 3. The only exception was Europe, where qualifying matches were one week behind and began on February 2 and continued through March 10. The next stage, Major 1, will start on March 28 and end on March 31 in Copenhagen. Qualifiers for Major 2 are scheduled from April 19 to May 26. Then follows Major 2 itself, which will take place on June 27-30.

Top teams of the Major 2 will get the opportunity to try their skills at the Worlds Champions in September. The global prize pool for Rocket League tournament is over $4,300,000. The location for this event is yet to be announced, so keep your eyes on fresh news in the future.