Video Games

Games for Gamers Young and Old

Gamers of tomorrow will have a lot of games to enjoy when they fire up their PC or any other gaming device. But they will still need to play the classics because they never go out of fashion. They have the right stuff when it comes to giving you a proper gaming experience. Here are some suggestions in that regard:

Red Dead Redemption 2

Hop on your horse and explore the world of the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2. You’ll get to complete a variety of quests from town to dusty town. Or you can just go from saloon to saloon and play some poker.

Poker was a popular game back in those days and it still is to this day. Most players can enjoy poker and other games online on casino sites. These sites sometimes offer something for sports fans too which is why they offer online sportsbooks. There are many sites that review these sportsbooks. For example, this Betway review by Betstation will give readers all the info on Betway. The main thing about these sites is to enjoy them responsibly.

You can even cheat in poker when you enter a saloon or hotel in this game. You can win some in-game cash this way, but if you’re caught, then you’re pretty much shot at. Get ready for a fight in the second case.

Dragon Age Inquisition

No game list is complete with at least one fantasy title. Dragon Age Inquisition is the title in this one, and it’s one hell of a game. You’ll be thrown into a world in the worst place possible – a murder scene and you won’t remember how you got there. People will question you but to no avail. You’ll soon be released and discover a mark on your hand that can deal with the many rifts spewing demons, shades, and all sorts of evil onto the world.

As an Inquisitor, it will be your job to lead the Inquisition on various quests and gain allies and enemies as you go about completing your objective. You will also create a character that can either be a human, elf, dwarf, or Qunari. The classes available are warrior, rogue, and mage, and you’ll specialize in each of them differently depending on your character. You’ll also get a game with an amazing storyline and each action you take or thing you say will have consequences.

Another interesting thing about it is that it’s the third in a franchise, if you’re looking for the full ride then you can play the previous 2 games.

Counter-Strike 1.6

This is a pretty old FPS game, but it’s still an amazing title that has thousands of players. Before Global Offensive, the 1.6 version was king among multiplayer FPS titles. And you should play it today. There are 2 teams to play as. They are terrorists and counter-terrorists and both are looking to dominate the other. Terrorists can plant bombs and counter-terrorists can defuse them. There are various maps you

can play this on, and you can do so with friends or with bots. It’s a game with a simple concept which is why it’s so addicting to any young or old player.